Uluwatu, Bali

Ulu, Bingin, Padang Padang ... I could live here ...


6/29/20235 min read

I had been trying not to 'look forward' - as in 'wishing the other stuff away' - to this place.. but you can see why I was keen to get here, right?.

A special place, made even more special by the fact it was the first and only other place I had been to in Bali, prior to this trip.. and I was here with my besties then, so, ya' know how that is ..

The accommodation - in general - is a little more expensive here, and bloody hard to get sea views without paying the price. Being a solo-girl that would like to stretch this whole thing out as long as I can, I can forfeit the unparalleled beachfront views, just to be here πŸ’• That said, I was NOT disappointed with my room at the Wisnu Lumbung Uluwatu - Cottage Rental (business.site) - check out the cute pics! I loved the quiet location, still walking distance (for me) to my fave cafe The Cashew Tree Collective (@thecashewtree.collective) β€’ Instagram photos and videos and only a very short scooter ride to everything that's good here.

Uluwatu sure has a lot to love. Bingin Beach, Padang Padang Beach, Pura Uluwatu (the temple with the cliff walk), Single Fin bar for the most stunning sunsets and surf-watching, world-class clifftop resorts with breathtaking views, crystal clear waters, boutique shopping, outdoor gyms, a boho/beachy/tropical jungle vibe.. the list goes on in this infamous surfing mecca.

I loved that on my first morning, I woke up to rain on the roof in my cute chalet - so I snuggled in a bit longer with my book - then by the time I was up and showered, it had cleared and I was able to hit the road on my scooter.. the first time I'd taken one on my own! There's no way you'd catch me riding solo in Seminyak, Ubud, or Kuta - but there are plenty of little side roads and alleys to get around on here, without risking life and limb.

I was amazed to see how many new buildings had cropped up since I was here pre-'Vid.. these guys have completely understood the assignment when it comes to meeting the needs of the Millennials, in terms of food offerings - (I discovered places like https://www.theloftbali.com - there's even a section on the menu where you can design your own dish, based on the right macros) - but the Boomers and the Gen-X'ers are covered with plenty of high-end offerings if that's your thing - and of course loads of all the regular bars and eateries that Bali does so well. Plenty of the new builds I spotted looked like new private residences - and I can tell you - I'd quite happily move in tomorrow.

Bingin beach was on my list for Day #2.. revisit the old haunts like Kellys Warung to watch the world go by while sipping on a banana smoothie, then to climb the hundreds of steps back up the cliff to the car park. Bingin beach is the most gorgeous little bay, tucked under the cliff on the western side of Uluwatu and is lined with places to eat and stay - all with epic views, as they either sit right on the cliff edge, or right on the beach. It's nowhere near as busy as Pedang Pedang, so put it on your list if you visit Ulu.

Day #3 was a long walk in the morning, followed by a visit to the Pura Uluwatu (temple) - perched on the cliff-edge at the southern-most point of Uluwatu. After perusing the boutiques at the far end of town in the late afternoon, I settled in to the luxurious surroundings at Suarga Padang Padang - Bali sustainable boutique resort for some tiny duck pancakes, an ice-cold watermelon juice and another spectacular sunset. Quite different to having to hustle for a place to sit at Single Fin at the end of the day - and most of the top resorts don't seem to mind 'outsiders' stopping by (hmm.. I wonder if I could get away with parking up by the infinity pool for the day?.)

When traveling and choosing accommodation in Bali, the decision to stay somewhere central and busy vs somewhere on the outskirts of town or slightly more remote, can be difficult and even polarizing. My stay at Wisnu Lumbung now has cemented my choice for the latter. I like my sleep and as part of my health overhaul, I am discovering just how much of a pivotal part good sleep plays in your overall wellness, and a quieter location definitely impacts the sleep situation. I also love that I can get up for a morning walk and I'm out in nature as soon as I step out the door. Often the stay rates are slightly less than more popular or built-up areas, and with transport options like Grab (an Uber-type taxi service) - so cheap and readily available - getting around is neither difficult nor expensive.

Days #4 and #5 put this to the test a little.. I woke in the early hours of Day #4 to rain, which was still hanging around when it was time to get up. I knew it would be too risky for me out and about on a scooter today, but I needed food and exercise, so the only thing for it was to get up and get out into the drizzle. The 25 minute walk to the cafe was actually really nice in the light rain so I got to have a yummy late breakfast, then I contemplated buying something else to take back to my little hut for later, but decided against it. Big mistake. By the time I got back, the rain had set in (someone forgot to tell the weather-gods it's DRY season here) - I was soaked to the bone, and there was no way I was going out again. Consequently, I spent the remainder of the day on top of my bed, alternating between reading my book and napping 😍.. sounds ideal, I know, but when I woke up on Day #5 and it was STILL pouring, yet I was starving almost to death (deciding at that point, I'd never be any good on 'Survivor') - I started to panic a little. Turns out lying in bed all day doing nothing, doesn't really work for me, and for the first time on my trip I started to feel a bit lonely. Well that just wasn't going to do at all, so out into the rain it would be. Wouldn't you know it.. by the time I was sorted to get out the door, the skies had cleared!. I got in nearly 2 hours hiking around the little side-roads of Uluwatu and a fruit bowl by about 11.30. Time to get back and have a re-sort of my bags, make a booking for my driver for the next day to get to Canggu, and do some blogging and journaling.

My suitcase missions often seem to work up an appetite and I had seen signs to an intriguing-sounding french-inspired place in one of the side-roads not far from me, so to wind up the Uluwatu stay, and as a reward for holding my mental-health together after a couple of days of rain, I walked the 2kms there to see what all the fuss was about. NOT disappointed!.. I'm giving the food and the service a 10/10 on this one!. please check it out if you're here.. Gooseberry Restaurant & Boutique | Bali – GOOSEBERRY (wearegooseberry.com) Pics below of course.. And that's a wrap on Ulu!

Heaven on a plate...

Five days of fun ...