Time to go home ...

But first, back to Bali πŸ’•


10/23/20233 min read

15 countries visited. 5 months since leaving home in New Zealand. I'm so ready to head back now, to settle down and start over. I'm going to a new country though - with a whole new mindset, a whole lot more energy, and a couple of kilos lost. Mission accomplished.

So it's the end of this little piece of my lifes' story.. but the beginning of the next chapter! I'm more grateful than I can put into words, that I was able to experience these last few months like I have. It really has been everything I hoped it would be, and more.

I have a mixed bag of emotions for what lies ahead. There's so much I am excited about mostly! I'm excited to catch up with family and friends. Excited to get settled into a new routine on my fitness journey. Excited to cook for myself gain - and to attempt some of the amazing cuisine from other countries that I've tried. I'm keen to drive a car again - ha ha - it's all the little things! I'm a bit sad that my amazing trip will be over. And I'm a bit nervous about starting again from scratch, pretty much on my own - at 52 - in another country. But mostly excitement in there.

These blogs have taken a lot more time and effort than I expected - especially at times when the internet connections were less than ideal, and uploading the photos took so long.

I've learned that I really love the writing process though - and if nothing else, it will be a great record for me to look back on in my twilight years, and to perhaps share with my grandchildren (if I am ever lucky enough to be blessed with any). It seems a waste to just stop this here, so I'm thinking I might continue to add entries, but with a twist. There could be more on my health mission?. I'm sure I could add lots about all the spots to visit around the Gold Coast, and my adventures getting set up there?. and of course there will be more travel in my future!!.. even if it's just weekend jaunts around Australia.

But for my final entry as far as a destination goes - I've had 19 days back in Bali. Where it all began. It felt right to finish here. As I've said - it gives me a chance to re-focus and enjoy being in one familiar spot for a while. I chose to split the time between The Taman Ayu - Best Hotel Offer in Seminyak because of the undeniable value for money - especially given the convenient location, and Kartika Bungalows - Ubud - Tripadvisor in Ubud which was an absolute bargain, given the great spot (right in central Ubud but way back off the street so it was quiet) - and it included breakfast delivered to my room every morning - a full week for just over $300 NZD.

I got back to Merlin's - Bali (merlins-magic.com) in Ubud - simply because it was such an amazing night back in June, that it deserved another visit.

I spent the morning of my very last full day in Bali - trekking to the summit of Mount Batur - Wikipedia to watch the sunrise. The Universe had my back that day, as the weather there is not always conducive to great views - but my morning was a stunner. Bali was saying goodbye in style.

These last 19 days have been all about fully nourishing myself. It's definitely been all about the food!. and I started to ramp up my efforts in the gym again - in preparation for a full-time fitness routine once I get to the GC. I've rested, walked the beaches, done loads of swimming and sunbathing, and finally splurged on a few little homewares that will hopefully have a place on display in the not-too-distant future. There were plenty of nights on the beach watching sunsets, and of course I took full advantage of the cheap mani's, pedi's and massages while I could.

The only things I won't miss will be smoking in restaurants and cafes, and living out of a suitcase.

Food, glorious food ...

Beautiful in every sense ...