The exact course I took to learn how to build a time-freedom framework and allow me to build a passive income, while living life on my terms, traveling as much of the world as possible ...

The Freedom Formula Masterclass - a FREE 90 minute video that explains everything you need to know about affiliate marketing and a mindset shift that will help you realise the life you dream of is literally yours for the taking

Do you realise that you're probably already doing this, but just not getting paid??

When a friend says "ooh I love that skirt you're wearing, where did it come from?" - and you tell them where you bought it, and they go and buy one as a result - boom! That's it!. if you'd had an affiliate link for the skirt, you could have made a commission. When you recommend a book you're reading, and a couple of friends or workmates go and buy the book too - boom - you just missed more commissions. You post something on one of your social media accounts and someone you don't even know comments - "where did you get that handbag/that dress/that salad bowl/etc etc?" - you could be directing them to one of your links and clipping the ticket!. then there's the high commission/high ticket stuff, like digital courses or online tools and things start to get really serious. It's easy, it's unlimited and it's all you.

Whether your dream is to travel like I am, do a road trip in a van around your own country with your love and/or your doggo, or just earn some extra income to blast those bills or be able to put food on the table, this course in the answer. The cost of living has blown out of proportion in most countries around the world, and for many people, even the littlest luxuries like a coffee in a cafe or a dinner out once in a while, are out of the question.

Perhaps you're a stay at home parent needing some extra income?

Or a working parent that would love to BE at home with your children?

Or are you at the stage where you'd love a change from the career you're in, to be your own boss, but don't know where to start?

Since 2020, the world has changed so much - and the number of people working remotely has increased dramatically. Learning the skills necessary to set up a website, or just work through social media if a full site isn't your thing, is soooo much easier than you could possibly imagine! If an almost-52-year-old Mum from NZ, who has worked in the building industry for 28 years can do it, anyone can!

The course creators are a young couple from Australia that were working as a mine-worker and a sales rep, and dreamed of traveling Aussie in their van, with their dog Bertie. They've built this amazing business from the ground up and are now enjoying a multi-6-figure a year income in such a short time, and they've taught so many others, just like them - and like me - to do the same.

This is NOT a pyramid scheme, it is NOT a multi-level-marketing scheme where you need to recruit people and have them working underneath you. It's a course that teaches you ALL the skills to do this on you OWN. With no-one else involved, no inventory to manage, and nothing required other than to be yourself and enjoy all the things you love, on your own time.

Unlike other courses you may have seen online, there's so much ongoing support that comes with this one. And there's a WHOLE other level of value in the upgrades.

There are more links in my at the bottom of my contact page - but if you start with this FREE masterclass video, you won't regret it 🌼