Seminyak, Bali

Sublime food and a real vibe ..


6/3/20232 min read

Warung Cantina, Seminyak
Warung Cantina, Seminyak

Well Seminyak was a blast! A great way to start in Bali, for sure 💕

The first time I stepped out onto the street from my hotel, after checking-in and dumping my bags, I was compelled to take a snapchat to send to a friend. The vibe was overwhelming and I was probably grinning from ear to ear like an idiot, as I walked down the street taking it all in, flooded with the feelings I had on my first visit to Bali.

Remembering of course that the main focus for the 2 months I'll be in Bali, is a holistic health and wellness reset, I did wonder if I would be able to find all the healthy, nourishing food options I was after.. rather than just a whole lot of places serving 'westernised' takeaway-style meals, or fried street-food. I need not have wasted any time worrying on that front. The food here has been AMAZING! The only little hiccup I had was my own doing.. we'll call it an "Accidental Juice Cleanse" 😒 .. oops! After Day 2 I decided to stick to plain water, as I was getting all the fibre I needed from the delicious food I was eating, and didn't need any extra goodness via a juice!

Despite the fact the area comes alive at night with the vibrant beats of the beach clubs, bars and warung that line the streets and the shoreline, I slept like a log every night. I'm going to put that down to a mix of busy days filled with solid gym sessions, loads of walking while exploring, plenty of pool time, nutricious food, plenty of sunshine, and being kind to myself with a proper sleep routine. I'm definitely leaving Seminyak tomorrow feeling refreshed and like I've started my trip on the right foot. So - Seminyak in a nutshell, in my opinion (and not yet comparing it to any other part of Bali).. is a vibrant, bustling place, with loads of nightlife on offer, and a great mix of market stalls and boutique-style shops by day. There's plenty to do and see, and most of it, while it seems 'inland' and city-fied, is very close, if not right on the beach. Two of the most famous beach clubs are situated here.. Best Beach Club in Bali | Desa Potato Head Bali, and the spectacular Finns Beach Club - which basically felt like an international-level summer festival that vibes all day long.

A party for the tastebuds...

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