Mykonos, Greek Islands

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8/21/20233 min read

I stepped off the ferry here and felt like I had passed over to a blue and white heaven.

This tourist hotspot has outgrown the original port, so now the ferries mostly arrive at what is now termed "new port" - while the "old port" seems mostly to be the area where buses, taxis, and loads of tourists from the big cruise ships come and go from.

At this point, my intuition seems to be on fire, in terms of picking places to stay, as my room at Pension Ageliki Kalogera, Mýkonos City ( was perfect - and very deserving of the 9.1 rating on I was lucky enough to be situated directly above some of the stores in the middle of "Old Town" - which meant I was close walking distance to everything, including the little beach for daily swims, and although I was right in the middle of town, the particular part of the street I was on didn't have any restaurants and bars directly below, meaning it was nice and quiet at night. Mykonos is by far the most expensive place I have visited to date (tourist hotspot + EUD vs NZD + high-season rates + designer stores = ouch. Not a good equation) However, the ambience, and picture postcard setting made up for it. Mykonos was always on my list to visit, and not only do I know I'm glad I came, despite the prices - I would definitely like to return one day (with company). My budget doesn't allow for clifftop/swimming pool/sea-view properties at places like this - so others may prefer an upgraded option to suit (and there are certainly plenty here) - but I would definitely book here again, and I'll be giving them a 10.

It really is exactly like what you see online and in travel magazines. Little cobbled alleys of whitewashed buildings and blue accents, dripping with bougainvillia flowers. The gorgeous little shops are a mix of designer clothing, dazzling jewelery stores, and souvenir shops. Gelato stands, coffee offerings, and authentic Greek restaurants and bars make up the balance. There seemed to be a range of tourists from all over the world visiting at the same time, and many of them seemed to have no trouble paying the designer prices for their shopping. The lanes are a bit like a whitewash maze and I took a few wrong turns once or twice - but it's not like I had to be anywhere, so I had time to find my way out!

The weather was amazing the whole time - with my taxi driver telling me that without exception "it does not rain in August". Perfect. There certainly wasn't a cloud in the sky while I was here. With clear skies and a west-facing aspect, the sunsets are unmissable. I considered booking a table at the 180° Sunset Bar Mykonos - Official Website for one of the best vantage points on the island - but it was almost full to the brim with large groups and/or romantic couples, so I settled for the view from the not-to-be-missed windmills, and put the '180' on my list for next time.

I did pay a visit one day to Super Paradise - Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos ( - where I splurged and rented a private lounger for the afternoon, and indulged in a delicious lunch, and many hours in the crystal blue Agean water - and I can highly recommend that too. The service and facilities are impeccable and if you're up for some extra fun - there are a whole range of water activities on offer - from water-skiing, to a group biscuit, and everything in between.

The locals tell me it's much less of a 'party island' than it was before - and I will agree that Old Town was certainly quieter at night than I was expecting. There are plenty of other things to do though - the island is big enough for some exploring and I noticed quad bikes were definitely popular. Only a few scooters and the cars and buses that were on the narrow, windy roads, were predominantly being driven by experienced locals.

That's about it from me on Mykonos. The hilly terrain made for great views and excellent morning walks, and despite the crowds, it somehow felt very restful and laid-back here. I'll get a sleep in on my last morning, then to the 1.15pm ferry for a nice short half-hour trip to the island of Tinos, to mix up my Greek Islands experience.

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