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9/7/20231 min read

My shortest blog entry to date, but c'mon.. London doesn't really need much explaining, does it?

I stayed at Home | The Paramount Hotel ( - so far the oldest, smallest, most expensive shoe-box of a room, with no air-con, no little fridge, and no frills - but a pretty darn good location to compensate - Kensington, London.

I clocked up my daily steps around Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, Kensington High Street and a few other spots close to my stay on Day #1. Days 2 and 3 I bought a 48 hour ticket on the hop-on-hop-off bus (WELL worth it) - the commentary running through the complimentary headphones tells you where you are as you go and gives plenty of fun and interesting history about London town - and I got to see all the main spots I wanted to see in this iconic city. Excellent. On the afternoon on Day #3 here for me, I was done with the bus and stopped at the V & A Museum and ended up spending a couple of hours in there - amazing! I can't even say what the best bits were, as I enjoyed it all.. even the weather was good!

I loved the accents, the terraced houses, the corner pubs, the red buses, the old post-boxes, the 'Royal stuff', the underground tube, and the familiar feeling that most likely came from the fact everyone here speaks an English I'm used to. Everyone was super friendly. I had dinner on my first night at Jimmy's Grill - Burger Restaurant, Burger, Grill ( and the food and the service was so good, I went back for dinner on my last night here.

So many pics below. 10/10. Everyone has to do London at least once in their lifetime. Now taking to the skies out of Gatwick, for Paris. My last European country to visit this time around.

London Town ...