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3/7/20242 min read

Where you'll find me most Sunday mornings...

While holidaying in Surfers Paradise a couple of years ago with a now ex-partner, we stumbled upon these markets just as they were closing one Sunday, and cursed the fact we hadn't found them sooner - as it looked as if they were worth a visit. I made a mental note to seek them out if I should ever return to the Gold Coast.

When I landed back in Australia after my trip around parts of the globe, I made my way here the very first Sunday after arriving - and now it's almost part of my weekly routine.

If it's a drizzly day, I'll race in, grab a coffee and do a quick once-round with the little umbrella I keep in my car. But if it's a Gold Coast stunner - as is most often the case - I'll find a park amongst the hundreds of free parks available adjacent to the HOTA centre (Home Of The Arts) - and stay a while.

The HOTA is located on Bundall Rd, close to the Chevron Island bridge. The easily recognisable Arts building can be seen from quite a distance, and sits beside manicured gardens, an outdoor amphitheatre, and a man-made lake that feeds into the local canals and is suitable for a safe swim. It's basically just a great community parkland and it definitely gets well patronised.

There are several local artists on rotation, serving up chill Sunday sounds next to the lake - and there are shady trees next to the lake for those wanting to escape the sun while listening and enjoying some of the market fare - or plenty of grass area out in the open for the sun-seekers.

The market is mostly made up of food stalls, rather than being a 'craft' market, like many of the others here on the Coast - and it's heavily weighted towards the organic side of life. I see so many young families here stocking up on fresh fruit and veg, flowers, honey, bulk foods, and fresh baked goods for the week ahead, and it's clearly the local meeting point for weekly catchups with friends and family of all ages. It's dog-friendly, kid-friendly, and wheelchair-friendly. Whether you're up for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or just something to lessen the effects of a big Saturday night in Broadbeach - you're bound to find something to tempt your 'buds. Freshly squeezed juices, 2 x coffee caravans, burgers, Dutch pancakes, artisan pastries, filled bagels, Mexi-inspired food, acai bowls, and hot seafood are just some of the things on offer. Plenty of punters pack their own picnics though - and just soak up the vibes from blankets on the grass.

It's things like this that make the lifestyle here such a buzz - and I feel grateful that stuff like this is on my new doorstep to enjoy.

If you're local and didn't know this was here or have just never been - I recommend checking it out on your next available Sunday. If you're a visitor to the GC - you can walk, bike or drive a short distance from the beach to get here - and it's worth stocking up on olives, sourdough, and other goodies to nibble on while you're watching the sunset with wine-in-hand, from your ocean view hotel balcony on our stunning coastline.