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It's ON in Canggu!.


7/4/20233 min read

good coffee
good coffee

Wow, it's all go in Canggu! The traffic really levelled up here - but somehow is still works!

The part of Canggu I stayed in was really only half of it - (as I discovered on my exploration missions) There are a few random pics in this post.. like the manhole covers on the footpaths - they remind me of the Hollywood Walk of Fame! πŸ’₯

I hit the jackpot again with my accommodation (phew!) - so glad I made a last minute change from my initial booking, and landed at Kusuma Guesthouse - Homestay ( - especially as this would be my home for a longer stay of 8 nights - including my BIRTHDAY! πŸŽ‚ The homestay is made up of the original Kusuma building, a newer 3-level building named Kusuma 2 (which is where I stayed) - and currently a 3rd building is underway next door. The staff were amazing, the pool was fantastic, the location was nice and central, yet off-road and quiet at night when it counted, and the room was comfortable and clean. I was lucky to get the 3rd floor, so had the added bonus of a view - perfect for watching the nightly fireworks in the distance from the beach clubs, and hearing the beautiful morning prayers, ringing out across the Bali darkness just after 5am each morning πŸ’•

In brief, Canggu has an ample mix of eateries, gyms, tattoo parlours, amazing boutique shopping, gorgeous homewares stores (which I haven't really seen in other parts of Bali I've stayed in), and of course another white sandy beach with waves good enough to attract a solid number of waxheads, and two of the best beach-clubs on this part of the coastline - Finns Beach Club - World's Best Beach Club and Atlas Beach Fest | The Biggest Beachclub in The World & The Biggest Nightclub in Bali .

My first recon-mission led me to discover Power + Revive Studio ( - (you need to check out the website to see how amazing this place is as far as gyms go) - and for a fee of about $50NZD I got unlimited use for 5 days - so from Day 2 here, I was all about it - legging it approximately 1.5kms from my room - up a hill - for an hours' sweat session each day. They had something I have always wanted to try, but I put off until day 5.. an ice-bath!! Holy crap it was every bit as hideous as I had imagined but it felt amazing afterwards!

A little gang of 20-somethings from Germany also moved in on Day 2, and hogged the only 4 pool loungers that existed, for the WHOLE day! The audacity! Not to be outdone in the tanning stakes - I was onto them and on Day #3 I had my chair claimed immediately after my gym session, before the sun was even up properly.

So I spent the rest of the week here exploring on foot (I got lost one day, wandering too far off the beaten track, with no data for Maps 🌌) I took pics, consumed generous amounts of seriously good coffee, ate more delicious food, hit the gym (which was possibly my favourite part - as although I've been exercising plenty, I haven't been to a proper gym here), found interior design inspo, got in some hard-core tan maintenance (in between 4 days of rain), and celebrated another trip around the sun.

So as my last full day here was actually my birthday, I had a few nice things planned. Nice messages and calls from home made my day, then a late breakfast and a couple of hours in the sun, then I went to Our Projects ( to attend a 2 hour Masterclass Perfume Workshop where I got to make my own perfume to take home! Such a cool thing to do - I highly recommend it either on your own or with friends. Then just because it felt like the right place and time, I got a new tattoo. To round off a great day, I went for my second dinner at Bangkok Hustle Bali - (turns out they're rated high on Trip Advisors list) - and after initially making some small-talk with the staff about my day, they surprised me with desert - complete with a birthday candle and a stellar effort singing me 'Happy Birthday'. Gold πŸŽ‚

Defo put Canggu on your list if you haven't been - it gets a big tick from me, as I head off to a mix of Legian/Seminyak for what I can barely believe will be the last 10 days of the fastest 2 months of my life!

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