Candidasa, Bali

A sandy beach and a slower pace of life ..


6/3/20232 min read

Well what a change of pace Candidasa has been! I leave tomorrow for Ubud, but will never forget the sunrises, sunsets, and white sandy beach here.

About 1.5hrs after leaving Seminyak by car, I arrived at this stunning coastal location and felt immediately relaxed, after the buzz of Seminyak. My driver brought me down a narrow lane leading to the Bali Santi Bungalows Villa & Spa by The Beach at Candidasa Bali, where I was led to my ocean-view bungalow. Wow! Approx $330 NZD for 5 nights in a spacious, super-clean, well-equipped room, with a private outdoor bathroom, a king size bed and views across the Indian Ocean and out to the island of Nusa Penida.

The staff were all warm and friendly and always happy to serve a refreshing drink or something to eat from the bar and dining area next to the incredible infinity pool.

I got settled in and headed off on foot down the road to get my bearings and see what the area had to offer. I prefer to travel mostly on foot but manage to get in as many steps as the day will allow, and there's plenty to see within walking distance. Still a constant convoy of scooters (as to be expected) - although not quite the mayhem level as Seminyak! Little cafes, warung, and resorts line both sides of the street, with limited shopping, but an abundance of 7/11-type stores, and spas. I managed to find a local gym (in the absence of one in my resort), and the owner "Smiley" was a delight!. $5 for as long as I wanted to be in there (which turned out to be twice as long at each session, than I have ever spent in a gym, due to the sheer heat inside and having to sit down in between every set to prevent passing out πŸ˜‚) - think hot yoga with weights!. and Smiley throws in a bottle of fresh water and offers a weekly discount as a hook!

I didn't manage to find a coffee as good as any in Seminyak and the food offerings were definitely a lot more modest, but as you can see from the pics below; I didn't starve and I managed to find plenty of fresh, healthy goodies.

The sound of the waves lulled me to sleep every night (unlike the club beats in Seminyak!), and the sights of fishermen in little boats kept me amused as I lay in the sun by the pool.

I took a trip one day to a local village. After a small donation at the gate, a lovely guide showed me through the village, explaining all the working parts, and I met one or two of the 780 inhabitants.

I was hoping to get to the Hindu temple of Pura Penataran to climb some of the 1700 steps to the well-instagrammed 'Heavens Gate' while I was here, but between the forecast for thick cloud in the mountains each day (therefore rendering the view obscure), and the inability to drag myself away from my poolside spot, it remains on my to-do list.

No worries, as I'll definitely be back. Thanks Candidasa - you were a beauty πŸ’•

P.S.. I made my first 'friend' here and we swapped details on WhatsApp - which kinda made my day at the time 🌼

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