Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand

My return to South East Asia ...


9/24/20232 min read

I've found another place to add to my favourites list. This was my first ever visit to Thailand and although I did expect I would enjoy it (or I wouldn't have come of course) - I was pleasantly surprised at just how good it was.

It felt like it had all the bits of Vietnam that I had enjoyed the most - and the area I stayed was a similar vibe to Hoi An - without the sea.

I didn't get up to a lot while I was here. One night only in Bangkok (it was the easiest and cheapest place for me to fly into from France when I booked - plus I wanted to see the city) - and by the time I got to Chiang Mai, all the months of moving around, changing time zones, and not having the most quality sleep for all sorts of reasons - had taken a toll and I was starting to feel it. The first two days here involved a lot of sleeping a resting, punctuated by walks around the flat area in my village, in the hot, humid days I had experienced in Asia before Europe. I think almost every day here sat at around 33 deg. The food was all so delicious! Ample amounts of fresh CHEAP fruit is back on the menu (unlike Europe) - and the fresh, clean flavours of vegetables, herbs and Asian spices is hard to beat. In Bangkok I stayed at Parvena Hotel Sathorn - comfortable and value for money. As I stepped out of the taxi on arrival at the front door, the scent of the huge jasmine hedge was all I could smell - and instantly it felt good to be back in this part of the world.

There are loads of beautiful temples to explore here, and the nearby mountains frame the landscape, looking especially dramatic in the afternoons when the clouds sit atop like fluffy grey blankets.

Motorised tuk-tuk and red vans converted to open-air mini-buses are available to get you to tours - with day trips to mountain hikes, and the elephant parks the most popular choices.

My stay at The Wing Lanna Hotel, Chiang Mai - Hotel WebSite. Prices From $36 ( was exceptionally good. I'd highly recommend it and would stay again. The pool was a welcome bonus and it got plenty of use by me over the 4 days here.

Chiang Mai is home to a solid number of ex-pats - and plenty of great artists, so I discovered. There were a couple of things I would have loved to have purchased - had it not been for budget constraints and lack of suitcase space. I did buy some beautiful hand-made coffee cups to squeeze into the last available corner of my purple bag though.

On my last full day here, I walked the 5km round-trip into the newer and more busy part of Chiang Mai. It was busier of course, and for me it paled in comparison to Old Town where I was staying, so by late afternoon, I was happy to be back at my stay, then for a swim and a massage to finish the day.

All up, a really enjoyable visit, and a nice place to start 'the beginning of the end' - of my travels.

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